The challenges of being a online copywriter

COPYWRITING can be a bit daunting for rookie and aspiring salesmen and advertisers, but it’s among the most important elements of a business campaign – whether in radio, TV or print landscape or on the internet. The method in which you strategically conceive the words that will carry your service or product and ultimately build the link with your target audience is both an art and science for every copywriter.

Find out the best copywriting practices and learn new insights on how to easily create convincing stories that will attract attention, response and action the way you want with the links below: 

10 Tips, Tools and Resources for Online Copywriters

Choosing what to write about on your blog or website pages is a huge topic – so much so that we’ve dedicated an entire post to the subject – but there are a couple of simple approaches that will never go out of style. The first is to simply write about whatever’s making headlines in your industry, or your client’s industry if you’re ghost-writing for a corporate blog. Look out for mentions of the relevant industry in the news, or for new campaigns launched by unions and professional associations, and write a response or opinion piece. Secondly, get involved in discussions on Twitter and other social networks, and blog about the issues other people are talking about.

Writing ability could be hereditary

Kingsley and Martin Amis, the Waugh family, the Brontës – it’s easy to list authors and writers who have followed members of their families into the profession. But is it coincidence or could there be a scientific reason behind their career choice? Noticing the large number of writer-rich families, researchers at Yale and Moscow State Universities have attempted to find out if creative writing ability is indeed hereditary. They asked hundreds of children aged eight to 17 and their parents to write stories on particular themes. These stories were scored on their originality, plot development and quality, sophistication and creative use of prior knowledge.

Rare Opportunity to Profit from the Words of an Amazing Copywriter

Jimmy is the guy John Carlton turned over his biggest clients to when John moved on to other things. Jimmy currently has over 100 controls going and is a partner in 2 multimillion-dollar companies… because, as he put it last month, “they got tired of writing me a $20,000 check every time they needed a new ad.” (Yeah, he’s that good. And his copy makes clients so much more money than his fee is.) Wednesday night (10-10-12) at 8 pm Eastern, Jimmy will spill the beans on how he puts direct mail letters together. And video sales letters. And Web page sales letters.

Website copywriter wins premier national financial copywriting project

Although a national body, the FLA is a powerful voice in the industry worldwide. So, when the FLA decided to completely revamp their website to make it more accessible to both consumers and trade organizations, they decided to appoint a specialist copywriter to help with the overhaul. Website copywriter, Len Smith of Copywriting On Demand was delighted to be chosen. “I do a lot of financial copywriting,” says Len, “including the annual Global Leasing Report. Nevertheless, it was especially rewarding to work with such an august body. It was fascinating adopting two very different styles, one for the trade the other for consumers.

Writing online copywriting that converts can be very challenging, but given the right tools and a good amount of practice it can greatly help save the business.

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